Kevin J. Hall, BSc (hons), MSc

Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Counsellor

“My identity on both private and professional levels has been strongly influenced by my English origins, the many years in which I have spent in various European countries and my interest in languages, communication and human perception. My guiding values are authenticity, tolerance, empathy and openness.”


I was born in 1974 in Birmingham, Great Britain where I lived until I was 23 years old. There I completed an honours degree in International Business and German and subsequently a masters in cognitive science specialising in aspects related to psychology and computer science. During my studies I spent a year abroad at Innsbruck University. This time had a profound influence on me. I developed a fascination and deep respect for Austria and its people during this time. After completing my studies I worked for some years as a management consultant in London, the Netherlands, Brussels, Heidelberg and Vienna where I finally settled in 2000. In Vienna I met my wife and it was also here that in 2012 our daughter was born. Vienna is now where I call home.

KH Psychotherapeut bei der ArbeitIt was also in Austria that I found my passion for psychology again following training in conflict management in 2007. I began to deepen my knowledge in interpersonal and communication skills and completed Practitioner and Master courses in NLP. In parallel I undertook vocational training in coaching. I became aware that there were still some gaps in my knowledge which would be important to fulfil in order to accompany and assist my coaching clients as effectively as I would like. I decided to address this issue by studying for and obtaining my qualifications as a psychotherapist (Österreichisches Propädeutikum und Fachspezifikum). I subsequently worked in various institutions providing mental health care and social services before finally electing to focus my attention on private practice and corporate health care.

In my practice I work with individuals, couples, families and teams. My services include individual psychotherapy and counselling, relationship counselling and couples therapy, family therapy, business coaching and workshops and training for companies. I work with techniques and approaches from systemic therapy and family therapy, trauma therapy, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis and NLP. Thematically there is a broad spread of topics which I have been trained in and work with. That being said, I have a particular professional interest in burnout, performance coaching, trauma, grief and bereavement, anxiety and panic disorder.

Career History: Fields of Experience

Today the focus of my work lies in private and corporate mental health care and performance coaching. My broad base of experience in psychiatric, mental health and social welfare institutions providing psychotherapy, coaching and counselling for individuals, couples, families and groups has equipped me with valuable know-how to fall back on. Prior to my work in the health sector I worked for 10 years in the business sector as a business consultant and marketing executive. I worked with small, medium-sized and corporate organizations during this time and in a wide range of industries (e.g. IT, telecommunications, broadcast and TV, consumer goods, insurance, banking, energy and public transport).

Education and Qualifications

Advanced training in clinical hypnosis
Advanced training in trauma therapy and EMDR
Advanced clinical training in psychotherapy, specialising in systemic family therapy
Propaedeutic studies in psychotherapy. Completed with distinction.
NLP Master-Practitioner
Dipl. Coach. Further training in hypnosystemic concepts for coaching, supervision and personal development
MSc, Cognitive Science, Birmingham University, UK
BSc (hons), International Business with German, Aston University, Birmingham, UK and University of Innsbruck
Next Steps